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The best place to do online banking is BB&T login. Read the article to know about the registration issues, customer services, BBT application difficulties and solutions, and all kind of helpline numbers. If you have a question that how can I complete BB&T login to my account process, then today I am here to help you with the same topic. Yes, you are right; after so many queries, I have finally written an article on BB&T login to my account with all other relevant information, including BBT 401k login, BBT rewards log in, BBT online login mobile, and much more. So let’s start with the basic introduction of BBT. Online Bank

About BB&T And BB&T Online Banking Log On:

The BB&T Corporation abbreviated to BB&T, BB and T Bank, or BBT Bank has the record of being one of the most substantial agencies which provide best financial service in the United States of America. Emerged from North Carolina, the corporation owns more than 2000 subsidiaries all over the nation. The full form of BBT is Branch Banking and Trust.

The inception of the finance industry was settled in 1872. The firm lays out its banking facilities like commercial and funding services plus asset management products. The company has a vast dependable base for its insurance services around the world.

How Do I BBT Login In From My Computer?

BBT Login Online Bank Logon

The company is user-friendly as the existing users are benefited by the easy process of operating the banking services of BB&T because of its simple web structure. And hence the login procedure is initiated either from the company’s homepage referred to as (, or consumers can access it through the BBT login page.

Even though the procedure seems easy, there are specific steps for BB&T logon online to be followed. They are as follows:

  • Go to the browser and open the website of the bank or simply click on the link
  • The username is to be entered as the first step by entering the ‘User ID for login my account.
  • Following the User Id column, the next one is ‘Password’ for your BT internet login service.
  • The two boxes confirm the login procedure, and hence the ‘Login’ button is clicked for the confirmation to access the account.

It’s not too late for the registrations for the BBT login online as the online and mobile banking services of the company are available here. It would help if you referred any of these web pages, and you can avail of any BB and T service.

It is effortless for the new consumers, and BB&T login business to avail as the first step includes clicking on the link next to the text saying ‘New to Online Banking?’. The further instructions will lead you to avail it. Once the login procedure starts, the customer is exposed to a lot of banking services such as opening savings or business accounts (BBT login business), issuing a credit card (BBT credit card login), or information for loans and mortgages (BB&T mortgage login).

The next step after the BT yahoo login process would be a password, which is case sensitive because of the security they provide for the banking utilities. And hence one should take care of the CAPS LOCK key to be on when he or she enters the password.

The link for resetting the password is also given as there can be the chances that the consumers tend to forget the password. The link is situated just below the ‘Login’ button to make sure the link is visible.

The procedure after you click the link will be entering the email which you entered at the time of registering as well as the last five digits of your SSN, EIN or TIN and your User ID for BBT online login. The continue button below will consider the information to be entered and hence will send a reset link via email.

The corporation has its large base and hence is affiliated and connected through many of the popular web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome as well as Internet Explorer for BBT login full site.

If you cannot be able to BBT online login checking into the website with the essential details, the problem is in the web browser you are using. You need to update it to the latest version to follow the official login procedure. In addition to that, you even need to clear the browser history and cookies, followed by the last step to try the login process again.

To need any advice or help for any online banking service, including User ID or password issues, call 888-228-6654.


How Do I Login To BB&T Online Banking With The U By BBT App: BB&T Logon Mobile

The company recently made another benchmark move for an IT-based industry. They enabled an online banking application specially programmed for the user named as ‘U by BB&T.’ The application is available on both the Google Play Store as well as the App Store for iOS devices. Here are the steps for the BBT login mobile.

  • The consumers need to search it in the search box in app stores and download it habitually.
  • To make it easy for the consumers, we have given the links for the application download. To download from an android, click here, and for an iPhone user, click here.
  • After the installation procedure, the services are readily available for the consumers to access it.
  • The first dialogue box appears, which indicates ‘User ID’ — type in your user id.
  • Just below that, the ‘Password’ field is there where you should enter the password associated with the website.
  • The ‘Login’ button underneath that will be clicked to access the account.

In case the user forgot the password, there is this option called ‘Reset the password’ for the sake of changing it through some verifications. In the login page, as you enter the new password, it is necessary to remember that the password would be case sensitive, and hence it should be double-checked and written carefully.

The internet is still unreliable, and hence and the login page has some glitches, but the company tries to resolve it in a short time. It is that temporary; one can close the application and reopen it after waiting for a few moments to login in securely. The issues generally come when you disable the automatic updates in your electronic device. For that, you need to manually update it to the latest version from time to time.

To need any advice or help for any online banking service, including User ID or password issues, call 888-228-6654.

What Is BB&T’s Customer Service Phone Number?

The glitches are generally resolved within the company’s departments if the user puts the information precisely as required. If even there is a mild confusion into the login criteria or the procedure, the consumers are requested to call the primary consumer service or helpline number, which can provide the best and appropriate service. The customer service number is 800-226-5228.

If the users access the account from outside the country, the team has its international consumer service number. They can contact the company by 910-914-8250 this number.

The call centers will be in help for seven days a week between 6 am till midnight ET. The customer services are not limited to any registered consumers. Any new users can quickly call on the provided helpline number and ask about their login queries.


How Do I Contact BB&T’s Headquarters?

Many cases bring the ambiguity in the consumer’s mind that if the help they want is not related to any banking service, who should they call? For such purposes, the BB&T has profoundly given the contact numbers of their headquarters, which deals with other prominent issues. The official numbers for BBT login account are as follows:

  • (336) 733-2000
  • 1-800-BANK-BBT (1-800-226-5228)

The consumers can enquire about BB&T logon secure and other issues through fax also. They can fax at (336) 721-3499.

The emails are considered to be read and sent the fastest, and hence one can also mail the issues at [email protected]


We hope the article is potent enough to give the required information for the BB&T online banking secure login. You will get all the information related to the BT email login. In case of any queries about BBT login u, you can leave it in the comment section. If you got the proper information on the BBT account login, do not forget to send us feedback.