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Membean: Personalized Vocabulary Instruction

Membean: Personalized Vocabulary Instruction
Membean: Personalized Vocabulary Instruction

Membean is a vocabulary program that builds word consciousness and achieve lasting outcomes by prioritizing higher order thinking over memorization.

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Learning about the building blocks of words can help you make sense of unfamiliar words.

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Helping save teachers time with a personalized online vocabulary program. Membean is currently used in 40,000+ ELA classrooms grades 6-12.

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We’re proud of our brand, and care a lot about how it is presented in the world.

Rootcast: Take the “Trans” Train | Membean

Prefixes are key morphemes in English vocabulary. The prefix trans- and its variant tra-, which mean “across,” appear in many English vocabulary words, for example: transmit, transform, and trajectory. Consider the word translation, which is the carrying “across” from one language into another.

Rootcast: Breathe Easy with “Spir” | Membean

The Latin root word spir means “breathe.” This root is the word origin of a fair number of English vocabulary words, including inspire, respiration, and expire. The root spir is easily recalled via the word perspiration, that is, sweat in the act of “breathing” through the pores of your skin.

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Membean is our English vocabulary builder. Follow these instructions to log into Membean. 1.  Go to   2.  The very first time you log into Membean, your username…