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IACRA Desktop Instructions v1.0


IACRA Desktop Instructions v1.0
IACRA Desktop Instructions v1.0

Federal Aviation Administration -. Integrated Airman Certification and/or Rating Application. (IACRA). Instruction Manual. Release 7.5. April 2010 …

IACRA Desktop Instructions v1.0


Federal Aviation Administration -. Integrated Airman Certification and/or Rating Application. (IACRA). Instruction Manual. Version 7.5. April 2010 …

instruction manual


Mar 7, 2014 … OF REGULATION AND CERTIFICATION. Page 2. IACRA Instruction Manual v.8.7. Page 2. Table of Contents. Revision Log .

I applied for my FAA Remote Pilot Certificate through IACRA but …


Haven’t heard from the FAA yet about your IACRA application? You should get sent a confirmation email within about 5-10 days. This email will provide instructions for printing a copy of your temporary Remote Pilot Certificate from IACRA. A permanent Remote Pilot Certificate card will be sent via mail once all other FAA-internal processing is […]

How to Log Your ATD Flight Time on the FAA IACRA 8710-1 Form


Logging flight simulator time on the IACRA 8710-1 can be confusing if you’re unfamiliar with the application process.

Completing your IACRA 8710


Completing your IACRA 8710. 1 WARNING:SAFARI,IPAD,AND IPHONE PROBLEMS. Many users have experienced problems using Safari, IPads, and IPhones with IACRA.

After Passing Your Part 107 Test: Finalizing your Remote Pilot …


What do you do after passing your FAA Part 107 test? Here’s a walk-through for using IACRA to finish applying for your Remote Pilot certificate. For both Initial and Recurrent tests.

I passed my FAA Part 107 exam. What are my next steps? I heard …


After you pass the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test, your testing center should provide clear next steps to apply for and receive your Remote Pilot Certificate. Just to be clear, after you pass the test, the FAA doesn’t automatically send you your Remote Pilot Certificate. You still need to apply for the Certificate, and when you […]

Airman Certification Process


BOTH IACRA and the paper 8710-1 must be completed! Failure to do so may result in a training delay as the Examiner or Designee will not be permitted to conduct …

FAA Form 8710-1, Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application …


IACRA is available at https://iacra.faa.gov. Tear off this cover before submitting form i. Page 2. AIRMAN CERTIFICATE AND …