How to Get Robux for Free in 2022

We explain all the methods that exist to get Robux, we explain which ones are really free and which ones are not, and we give you some recommendations so you know which ones to choose:

Reward pages

There are pages that reward you with Robux for completing surveys, downloading apps or watching video ads. But these sites also publish almost every day promotional codes that you can earn Robux with just by redeeming them. In case you’re interested, here are the promo codes for the two most popular sites (updated daily):

  • ClaimRBX
  • RbxOffers

Buy in the store

Obviously this method is not free. But maybe after learning about the free methods you will end up thinking that it is easier to pay and that’s it. Besides, it will be good for you to know the official prices to know if the free methods are worth it or not. So this is the official shop prices:

40 Robux: For $0.49

80 Robux: For $0.99

160 Robux: For $1.99

320 Robux: For $2.99

400 Robux: For $4.95, and with 50 Robux as a gift

800 Robux: For $9.95, and with 200 Robux as a gift

2,000 Robux: For $24.95, and with 750 Robux as a gift

4,500 Robux: For $49.95, and with 1,500 Robux as a gift

10,000 Robux: For $99.95, and with 5,000 Robux as a gift

22,500 Robux: For $199.95, and with 12,500 Robux as a gift

So if you’re going to buy, the more you invest, the better.

Free Robux at Roblox – Builders Club

The Builders Club is not 100% free, but it is certainly interesting. It’s the premium version of the game, so there’s a cost per subscription. But it has 3 important advantages:

Free daily Robux: It’s usually between 15 and 60

Discount on the purchase of Robux: You will get 20% to 30% cheaper

Clothing design (t-shirts, pants…) with which you can personalize your avatars. In addition, you can sell your designs, and win Robux for them.

Free Robux at Roblox – Tasks by Robux

This method is totally free, if you consider that your time is free. But it is not recommended at all. First of all, you need a lot of time to earn a decent amount. To win 400 Robux, which can be bought at the official store for $4.95, you can stay a week or more. So no matter how little you value your time, you’re much better off getting a part-time job. It will give you enough money to buy many more Robux and you will have money left over for yourself. Besides, the reliability of ending up getting paid on this type of website or app is more than questionable.

Free Robux at Roblox – Hacks

If performing tasks is not recommended because it is not profitable, using hacks is much less so. You can lose your Roblox account, as well as risk filling up your computer with crap. And in case you’re still thinking about it, count on Robux generators not working. It’s very unlikely you’ll end up getting anything on your account

Free Robux at Roblox – Gift Cards

Gift cards are great, as you get money to spend at Roblox absolutely free. The problem is that it takes horrors to find one that works, and they usually expire quickly. For over a year we’ve tried lots of them and only managed to get one that works. So while it’s great to get one, we don’t recommend you spend too much time looking for one. You’ll find lots of pages and youtubers that will waste your time

Which one do we recommend?

Without any doubt, the Builders Club. It is the only one with which you will get a real advantage in order to get Robux. Don’t rule out gift cards, you might find some, but don’t waste too much time looking for them. And rather than using applications, hacks, or filling out surveys, try to earn income through normal channels, and put money into the Builders Club.

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