How to create a personal signature in Hotmail?

Hotmail Login provides you many different tools and services. Also, you can create your firm with Hotmail, which will recognize you when you are sending an email.

To apply this thing, you need not be an expert or require any expertise skills that, just follow few simple steps and you can achieve what you want to do, and create your firm.

Step 1: To start it, first log-in to your account.

Step 2: Now go to the options and click on it.

Step 3: Once you open the new window in this section, you can get the option at the bottom, written as “Customize your inbox.”

Step 4: In this part, you will see another option, written as “personal e-mail signature.” It is a section where your modification will take place

Step 5: Now click on it, and you can create your e-signature. It may be letters, pictures or whatever it comes to your mind.

Step 6: Once you complete this objective, click on “Save” button, and with every email, you can send your signature which you select and display as the design.

So, if you have not created your signature yet, then create it because your sign describes and defines you.

Apply these steps, and each receiver from the emails sent by you can appreciate your work.

How to export and import contact lists?

There is no need to save the MSN contact list manually because with Hotmail it is automatically saved on the server of Windows Live.

So, if you need to keep a copy of your contact list because you have created a new account and want the same contacts in it, then you can copy it. Even, if you wish to share contacts with another person, or make a new contact list which is useful and wants to save for you, then you can import it from Hotmail account.

Step 1: To export a contact list, first sign in to your account.

Step 2: Now go to the Menu >>Contacts /Save Instant Messaging Contacts>>choose a directory to save. So the MSN Messenger will save the list in a .ctt file extension with all your contacts and their instructions.

  • To import a contact list, or recover the contact list into your new account, you have to go to Contacts / Import Instant Messaging Contacts and select the file that you have created previously.

How to avoid receiving Spam emails?

There are many ways to prevent receiving unwanted emails and Spam emails on the Internet.

First remember, never write your email as text in any webpage, forum or blog because they will grab your email from Hotmail and then you will receive unnecessarily, more than a hundred Spam emails per month.

Second, never give your email id to marketing and business companies, because the will share your data and ensure you get thousands of additional messages from these companies.

But there is simple, effective and best option to avoid this spam emails is to increase the level of security and configure your Hotmail account, and hence it will be more complex the entrance of Spam to your inbox.

Step 1: Sign-in to your account and find and click on options.

Step 2: Inside it, click on the tab of More Options.

Step 3: Within there, you will see an option of “Spam,” and inside it, you will find “Filters and information.”

Step 4: Inside filters and information, you will have to select the “Exclusive Level” option for not receiving Spam in future that already reach your inbox.

How to get help and support from Hotmail?

Hotmail, offer you many services and tools along with the provide 24hours a day technical support for their users.

If you find any problem, then go to help and support option of Hotmail, from the home page. In it, you will find all the details and step by step guide to solve your problem.

If you have any problem with login or password when you are trying to log-in into your account, then you can find help from the main site of Hotmail.

If you want any technical support, while you are using your account, then click on the “Help” button.

In next window, the will show a list of questions with the answer along with all assistance required. You have found the question and check the solution. You can review them after receiving the guide.

If you have not found the answer to your questions, you can contact technical support from the link given below:

Here, you will see a big list of links to the answers have been written and safe.


With this, we end our article on different queries of Hotmail. We hope you liked it and got all your answer related your questions. If you like this article, then share it as much as possible and being helpful to others.

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