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Hotmail login is the official portal for you to access your emails in your inbox. Check out how to access the official site step by step.

There are many email services around the world, such as Hotmail,, Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL mail, Zoho mail, etc.

but is one of the safest and oldest communication-based email services.

What I like about it most are its sharing and usability. You can use it for personal as well as professional work without worrying about safety. The fact is many business people over the globe are using for job-related communication purposes.

If we consider the user interface of, it is incredibly user-friendly between customer/company. The inbox page of Hotmail contains Emails, Inbox, sent emails, Drafts, Junk emails, spam emails, relevant emails, and deleted mails, too. You can modify it according to your requirements.

Hotmail is a popular email service that offers safe communication for the two or more recipients. With more than 400 million active users, it stands on the second position after Gmail. It’s one of the widely used platforms for professional communication.

Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia is the founder of the first free web-based email service called HoTMaiL. The company launched on July 4, 1996, with smith as a CTO. In December 1997, Bhatia sold it to Microsoft at $400 million. Recently, the service has been renamed to Outlook. Even after the years, the process is still the same. There are a few more options added for the advancement and improvement of user experience.

Being one of the oldest communication services, the majority of the people have their email account on Hotmail ( People are still using their old accounts. Even if you are windows user, for your Microsoft store login, you need outlook account.

The log in as well as Sign up process is smooth and easy. And today, I am sharing the same thing that is Hotmail sign up and Hotmail login at

Hotmail Login – Hotmail Sign in

Hotmail Login - Hotmail Sign in

Now you have already signup for your Hotmail account; it’s time to log in to your Hotmail account. You can now link your account with other sites like LinkedIn or Twitter or Skype. For that, you need to sign in your account to confirm your email address.

After Sign in, you can send or receive the email. Do all the stuff, but first, look at the Hotmail login steps.

  1. go to  from your browser. On the homepage, you will see a ‘Sign In’ option.
  2. Next, you can see a window where you can see a login tab.
  3. Go to the login field and write your email address, which you used in Sign in-process and press next.
  4. Now you can see a password filed.
    1. Here, enter the password that you have created during the signup process.
    2. Note: The password is case sensitive, so enter it carefully and like it as a previous one.
  5. Hit the enter tab, and you will redirect to your email account. From here, you can compose and send mail to others. Also, all your received emails will show in the inbox.

Create Hotmail Account – Hotmail Signup

By providing a few details, you will be registered as an official user. The process is given below.

Create Hotmail Account -Hotmail Sign up

Step 1: Open,

Step 2: Open login box, and click at “no account, create ones.”

Step 3: After that, new windows appeared to you where you have to fill certain information about our self.

Step 4: Enter your details like your name, surname, number, password, etc. Select a specific prefix, and it will be your email address.


  1. Your name required because when you send a specific email, people can see your name right above the email address.
  2. While choosing the password ensures that your password will be a unique and difficult one so that it is easy to counter any hacking attempt. For this, you can use upper and lower case, individual cases, etc.
  3. You also have to provide an alternative email if you need to recover this new account in a particular case.
  4. By adding a number, if someone logged in into your unique email, the system sends you a unique code to your mobile, and without entering it, email can’t be open.

Step 5: Enter your country/region.

Step 6: Answer the captcha to ensure that you are not a robot.

Step 7: Mark tick to terms and conditions. (make a habit of reading it once).

Step 8: After completing all this step successfully, click on “Create Hotmail Account.”

Bingo, you can use your email account and password.

How To Sign Out Of Your Hotmail Account

Hotmail Sign Out

Signing out of your account is just easy as Sign in process. You might be using Hotmail/Outlook on someone else’s phone/computer, which is why it is essential to know how to sign out.

It protects your personal information along with your emails from being hacked. To sign out of your account, follow these simple steps,

Signing out is a necessary procedure while you are using someone else’s device, or many people frequently use your device.

If you do not log out from your email account, someone else might use it and stole some critical data. Even on the public computer, people can use your email for some mischief. Data is essential, and it is crucial to keep your information safe, and it only needs some preventive steps like Sign out the account. Here are the steps

To log out, you need to sign in the account. We assume that you are on the home page of your Hotmail account.

Step 1: On your home page, you can see your name on the top right side corner of your screen. Click on it.

Step 2: You can see a drop-down list as soon as you click on it.

Step 3: Scroll down and find the option Sign Out.

Step 4: Click on it, and in a few seconds, you will be redirected to the screen from where you signed in. And it’s done!


  1. If you are using public pc or pc used by multiple people, never click on remember me tab when you enter the password or save the password tab when it popup on the chrome window for security purposes.


It is all about Hotmail login, sign out, and other related information. You can also find a few more info from For me, the best feature is its inbox customization option, what is for you? Please share your answer with us using the comment box below. Thank you for reading; happy emailing.