Gmail Login: How To Sign in to Gmail Account

Gmail login: How to login to your Account? How to Sign up & Recover your gmail account in easy steps.

Email is nowadays a handy communication platform. By using it, we can communicate with friends, colleagues, or any formal purposes. It is cheap, easy to adapt, and convenient also. We can send an email via PC, laptop, Mobile as well as Tablet also. is one such service. And today, we are here to help you in optimizing this excellent service by offering guide.

Basic Information About Gmail for Beginners


Goggle develops the best of all-time email services called Gmail. The project of Gmail is started by the developer of goggle name Paul Buchheit in August 2001. With more than 1.5 billion active users, Gmail has the highest number of users compared with any other email service provider, which eventually makes Gmail a top player in its competition.

There are many free email providers in the market, but Gmail is the best among them. We can say that Gmail successfully creates his space near 56% of market share in the email service industry.  Google’s free mail service Gmail introduced in the year 2004, and in 2005 for service purposes, few accounts were created. And now, it allows all the users to create free accounts to send or receive thousands of mail on the internet.

Not only this, but it also allocated 15GB of space to the individual users for free on the cloud. Users can use it as personal storage. No more worries about the low storage space issue, as there is a Gmail login for you. So here are some basic steps you need to follow to create a new Gmail account and use it like a pro.

Gmail Sign Up

Creating a new account is not very difficult or tiresome but easy and convenient. Google provides its user to create an unlimited account with a different name and get more storage space for messages and personal data stuff. By using goggle photos and cloud, we can store our data without any storage issue and hack attempt because Google provides us one of the secured networks.

Let’s learn how to create a Gmail account. For creating it, you need to follow the given step to make it easy and time-saving.

Gmail Sign Up
Gmail Sign Up

Step 1:

  • Visit the create Google account. You can use the following to go to the mentioned page directly.

Step 2:

  • Insert first name, last name, and username. The user name should be unique, and it sometimes takes time actually to find a unique user name. Every user name will be followed with the; you do not need actually to put this. Gmail itself will set up this at the end of the user’s name)

Step 3:

  • Insert the password and confirm it. Presently, Goggle introduces two-step verification to make it hard to access google account. Eventually, it will provide extra security. It means no one would be accessing your account without possessing your phone physically.

Step 4:

  • Insert the mobile number and your country.

Step 5:

  • Insert Date of Birth and Gender. Press, “Next.”

Step 6:

  • Read terms and conditions carefully and then mark tick on the “I agree” button.
  • After completing all steps, now you have full access to your Gmail account, and you can modify it and add information as per your preference.


  • While choosing the password ensures that your password will be a unique and difficult one so that it is easy to counter any hacking attempt. For this, you can use upper and lower case, special cases, etc.
  • You also have to provide an alternative email, if you need to recover your present one.
  • By adding a number, if someone logged in into your unique email, the system sends you a unique code to your mobile, and without entering it, email can’t be open.


Gmail login steps

If you want a login to your Gmail account, here are some steps are given below, which you need to follow.

  • Visit
  • Insert Email or phone number with a password.Gmail-login-Step-2
  • You are now in your account space ad-free to use it.
  • In case you want to use another existing Google account, you can tap on already signed in the account (bottom arrow) and choose it.

By this, you can easily shift from existing surfing account to already existing one.

What Do You Get By Signing Up For Gmail?

  • Google is one of the most innovative and ethically monopolist organization.
  • Google is a leading organization of innovation that has the power to change human civilization at the endless horizon.
  • Google’s upcoming projects hugely depend on artificial intelligence, known as AI. Google has successfully developed a self-driving car named Google Car.
  • Google is also continuously improving its existing services and increasing efficiency.
  • So sign up for Gmail, and being part of Google family also upgrades you throughout your lifespan.
  • Gmail is also free to send and receive email service, which also gives you high storage for your data.

What Is Gmail?

Gmail was not taken seriously at that time when it was in the developing stage. Yahoo was alone king and capture a large amount of market share. Presently, 900 million-plus users find out Gmail as the securest network and put their trust on brand Google because of its brand value and advanced customized features and customer/user-friendly environment.

By using Gmail services, you can easily share gigabytes of data via sending or receiving a form of an email. People are tilting towards Gmail because of its elite class email service provider, and also Google is a non-competitive monopolist search engine service.

Gmail provides free storage, user-friendly interface, swift service, and auto-spam detection. While the counterparts like Yahoo and Hotmail had an outdated and complex interface with limited storage.  The auto-spam detection feature gives a higher edge to Gmail compare with counterparts, which ultimately attracts by people/customers/users.

Google’s mail service also allows users to be inactive for nine months with no blocking, deleting off, or any nonsense trouble, comparing to other services they assure users for only 30 days.

Gmail Login Key Features

The question is why Gmail is so popular, and how can it is so successful and the solo king of the email market with nearly creating monopoly starting from roots and now at the top?

There are some key features give below, which made Gmail a top email service provider in the world.

  1. Advertisement

Some people think that Gmail doesn’t show any ads on their application or interface that is wrong. Google does show you ads on their application, but not interrupting your work or, in this case, doesn’t halt your way while reading emails. They are very concern about the experience of the users on their platform. They are using keywords that are many time searches, and according to it, show you a specific category of ads.

  1. Auto-detect spams

It is not a whole new concept. Gmail has done innovation in this feature and improving it very effective way. Gmail detects advertising spam and sends them into the trash. It also detects and neutralizes viruses, phishing attempts, spams, etc.

  1. Gigabyte space

Now, this is a game-changer. Gmail provides you a tremendous amount of space to store your data, which means no deleting old or important messages or any files for creating space. Gmail provides you near 15 GB free storage for emails, files like music, videos, etc. which you can access any corner of the world. Honestly, storage is larger than enough, which is unbelievable.

  1. Email searching

In case you want to see an important email and you just forgot email id so you can search from the top of the bar, any keywords that are in that specific mail and system filter it and give you all relevant results which are a small but handy feature.


It is all about the Gmail login. We hope you get all the information that you are looking for. In case of any queries or questions, you can ask us. Our expert will surely help you to solve your doubts.