Best photo editing apps in 2021

6. Instagram (Android, iOS)

Instagram has more than 850 million users for good reason: its focus on the quick, uncomplicated sharing of photos and videos on social media is a winning formula. Its intuitive interface offers a fast path from taking a picture or video through simple edits to posting simultaneously on multiple social networks.

Liking and sharing posts, sending and receiving direct messages, and generally engaging with others are Instagram’s primary activities. In fact, the most important metric (which businesses and influencers use to monetize their Instagram accounts) is your engagement rate, or how many people view and like your posts. And many of the recently added features include tools for gauging and improving your engagement rate. This includes the ability to remove “ghost followers” (those who don’t engage with your posts) and tracking which individual hashtags attract more views and likes. A nice security feature now lists all emails that Instagram has sent you recently, so you can verify what’s really from Instagram and isn’t a phishing attack. And Instagram addicts have gotten a bit of help in breaking the habit — the app now tells you how much time per day you spend on it.

Instagram frequently adds and removes features and tools, which confounds some users and excites others. But the one constant is that it continues to grow in popularity.

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