Best photo editing apps in 2021

11. VSCO (Android, iOS)

With its focus on traditional photography, VSCO has a good variety of photo corrections and adjustments that produce nice quality results, including film-emulsion-type filters. It can even import RAW files. However, its feature set isn’t as comprehensive as some of the other best photo editing apps. For instance, it doesn’t have selective edits, text or special effects, And while you can choose your border color from within your photo, the only type of border is a rather clunky one that will create a square photo format. Still, you can save up to only 10 “recipes” — lists of edits done to a photo — to use on other images. VSCO’s camera also offers a nice array of pre-capture controls (only in iOS, not Android), including selective focus point, and manual control over white balance, ISO and exposure.

VSCO has a community of users and influencers (“VSCO girl” is an actual meme), but don’t expect the kind of interaction you have on Instagram or other social networks. On the other hand, it’s easy to post photos from VSCO to any network that’s on your phone, though only one at a time. Any photos you post to your VSCO profile are public even to those who don’t have a VSCO account, and the only privacy settings relate to sharing your photos’ location settings.

The free app is limited to basic edit tools (still images only) and ten presets (filters).  For $19.99/year, you’ll have access to a video editor, more than 200 presets, advanced editing tools (such as HSL and borders), still and animated montage tools (including layering), weekly photo challenges, and more robust learning support (tips, tricks and tutorials). VSCO is a photographer’s tool that creates quality results, with the tools that it offers.

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