5 Best (REALLY FREE) Antivirus Software for Windows [2022]

2. Norton AntiVirus Plus

Norton AntiVirus Plus may protect only one Windows 10 device, but this doesn’t make it any worse than the competition. In fact, it even makes up for it with superior advantages like minuscule resource usage and antivirus protection that goes beyond the core service which is outstanding by itself.

Thanks to Norton Insight technology, this product can check the reputation of every given file on your system and assist in identifying the more obscure threats.

The advantages include a smart firewall that will keep you informed about all the potential risks to your device and block unauthorized traffic, while a password manager will generate and hold all your passwords in a safe place.

In addition to using minimal resources, the antivirus also comes equipped with handy PC maintenance and optimization tools, as well as a backup tool with up to 2GB of cloud storage. The latter can be set up to back up files locally.

The company is so confident in its antivirus and malware protection, that it offers to give you your money back if you ever encounter a virus its experts can’t remove.

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