How to reset a lost Windows Live Hotmail password

If you have forgotten your Windows Live account password on your phone, in your system (Windows 10), or on another device (for example, XBOX), it is relatively easy to recover and continue to use your device with your previous account. All the details on how to recover Windows Live Hotmail password on a phone or computer are available here. Along with what is essential for this and some nuances that may be useful during recovery.

In this article, we will focus on the problem of password recovery for the Microsoft account.

The essence of the problem

Microsoft states that about seven hundred million devices around the world use the latest operating system which is Windows 10. Therefore, at least 70% of the users have an account on the corresponding website of the corporation. This provides access to all the features that Microsoft offers.

By registering on a Windows Live Hotmail account, users can perform special additional parameter settings. This gives the user full management of control over all of Microsoft products.

This approach greatly simplifies the process of monitoring and managing the parameters of corporation products. And saves the user from remembering many passwords. But in turn, it significantly increases the responsibility for password loss. Because in such a case, access to all registered products can be lost.

How to prevent loss of Passwords

In the vast international computer network “Internet”, users can find a variety of fixed and remote network applications for storing various passwords and other confidential information. Such password managers allow the user to access their private data at any time if necessary. And also guarantee the user a certain level of protection of his information and block any unauthorized access to his/her personal data.

If for some reason, you do not use the password manager to store credentials and rely on your memory, there is a huge probability of losing or forgetting the password. Most sites, including the Microsoft website, recommend using a complex combination of letters and numbers in different sequences to protect your account from hacking and possible malicious penetration. If you have forgotten your password for your Microsoft Hotmail account, which can also be for the account,, or even, you cannot recover the same password. However, it’s easy to restore access to your account by resetting the old password and replacing it with the new one.

How to recover your Microsoft account password

  • Open your favorite web browser and go to the “Microsoft” account page.
  • Then click the “Login” button in the upper right corner.
  • Go to your Microsoft account page and click the Login button.
  • On the account login page, enter your Microsoft username and click Next.

Please note:  Due to changes over the years, you may have used any email associated with Microsoft as your account. This includes the sites,,, and Microsoft even allows you to register with your email addresses of third-party applications, such as your Gmail address. But the password for your original Microsoft account will be different from your other passwords.

  • After verifying the username, a page for entering the password appears. Under the password field, click the “Forgot Password” text link.
  • On the next page, you will be asked to select one of three possible answers. This will explain why you are unable to log in to your account.
  • Check the box “I don’t remember my password”, and then click the “Next” button.
  • You need to enter certain characters that you see on the account recovery screen as a security measure. Do this, and then click the “Next” button.

Verify your identity with the email address or phone number connected to your account

  • On the new page that opens, you will need to confirm your identity that you are the owner and have the right to manage the settings for this account. From the proposed options.
  • You will need to choose in what way you want to pass an identity verification check. You will have two options to choose from. 
  • In the first case, you will receive a security code for your account by email sent to the email address. In the second option, you can receive a text “SMS” message with a code on a verified phone number.
  • If you select the option with an email, then put a check the first option. Then, click the “Send code” button.
  • If you decide to choose a method of receiving a security code via SMS, then activate the corresponding box. To receive the code to your mobile device, click the “Send code” button.
  • Also, to confirm that you are the owner of the phone number specified in the account settings. You will have to enter its last four digits.
  • Check your email inbox and find an email from Microsoft Account Support. On the identity confirmation page, enter the code that you received in the email, and click “Next”.
  • On the password reset page, enter the new password (be sure to make it difficult to increase the security). 
  • In the next line, confirm your new password by typing it again, and click the “Next” button.
  • Your password is changed successfully, about which you will immediately receive a notification on the account recovery page. Click the “Next” button again and you will be taken to the login screen of your account, where you can use your new password to enter.

Verify your identity if you do not have an alternative email

If on the accounting control service page entries Microsoft you have selected the option, “I do not have the data” from the list of options for a security code, Microsoft will have to send you a security code to another email address as verification.

To do so, follow the following steps:

  • On the next page, enter the email address to which you want to receive a security code, and click the “Next” button.
  • Now check your email address. After you receive the security code for the Microsoft account, enter it in the specified field and click the “Confirm” button.
  • After confirmation, you will be redirected to the pages of the recovery section of the user account. On them you will need to fill out a form with information related to your account, for example, name and surname, date of birth, the Country in which you created the account, sent emails, used products from Microsoft Corporation, etc. Click the “Next” button and submit the completed form.
  • After you submit the form, the Microsoft Account Technical Support team will review the information you provide and notify you if the information you sent is sufficient to restore access to your account within 24 hours by the email address you provided.
  • If you have entered enough correct and reliable information and your request has been accepted, you will receive an email with instructions for resetting the old password.
  • Although, If your request was rejected, you have the opportunity to try sending the application for account recovery again up to two times a day. If you cannot remember enough information to restore your account, you may need to create a new account.


The process of recovering your own Microsoft account is quite easy and does not take much time. You just need to carefully follow the suggested instructions and enter the reliable information that you used when registering your account. Then you can reset your old password and create a new password. And then log in to your account and gain access to all Microsoft products related to it.

How to create a personal signature in Hotmail?

Hotmail Login provides you many different tools and services. Also, you can create your firm with Hotmail, which will recognize you when you are sending an email.

To apply this thing, you need not be an expert or require any expertise skills that, just follow few simple steps and you can achieve what you want to do, and create your firm.

Step 1: To start it, first log-in to your account.

Step 2: Now go to the options and click on it.

Step 3: Once you open the new window in this section, you can get the option at the bottom, written as “Customize your inbox.”

Step 4: In this part, you will see another option, written as “personal e-mail signature.” It is a section where your modification will take place

Step 5: Now click on it, and you can create your e-signature. It may be letters, pictures or whatever it comes to your mind.

Step 6: Once you complete this objective, click on “Save” button, and with every email, you can send your signature which you select and display as the design.

So, if you have not created your signature yet, then create it because your sign describes and defines you.

Apply these steps, and each receiver from the emails sent by you can appreciate your work.

How to export and import contact lists?

There is no need to save the MSN contact list manually because with Hotmail it is automatically saved on the server of Windows Live.

So, if you need to keep a copy of your contact list because you have created a new account and want the same contacts in it, then you can copy it. Even, if you wish to share contacts with another person, or make a new contact list which is useful and wants to save for you, then you can import it from Hotmail account.

Step 1: To export a contact list, first sign in to your account.

Step 2: Now go to the Menu >>Contacts /Save Instant Messaging Contacts>>choose a directory to save. So the MSN Messenger will save the list in a .ctt file extension with all your contacts and their instructions.

  • To import a contact list, or recover the contact list into your new account, you have to go to Contacts / Import Instant Messaging Contacts and select the file that you have created previously.

How to avoid receiving Spam emails?

There are many ways to prevent receiving unwanted emails and Spam emails on the Internet.

First remember, never write your email as text in any webpage, forum or blog because they will grab your email from Hotmail and then you will receive unnecessarily, more than a hundred Spam emails per month.

Second, never give your email id to marketing and business companies, because the will share your data and ensure you get thousands of additional messages from these companies.

But there is simple, effective and best option to avoid this spam emails is to increase the level of security and configure your Hotmail account, and hence it will be more complex the entrance of Spam to your inbox.

Step 1: Sign-in to your account and find and click on options.

Step 2: Inside it, click on the tab of More Options.

Step 3: Within there, you will see an option of “Spam,” and inside it, you will find “Filters and information.”

Step 4: Inside filters and information, you will have to select the “Exclusive Level” option for not receiving Spam in future that already reach your inbox.

How to get help and support from Hotmail?

Hotmail, offer you many services and tools along with the provide 24hours a day technical support for their users.

If you find any problem, then go to help and support option of Hotmail, from the home page. In it, you will find all the details and step by step guide to solve your problem.

If you have any problem with login or password when you are trying to log-in into your account, then you can find help from the main site of Hotmail.

If you want any technical support, while you are using your account, then click on the “Help” button.

In next window, the will show a list of questions with the answer along with all assistance required. You have found the question and check the solution. You can review them after receiving the guide.

If you have not found the answer to your questions, you can contact technical support from the link given below:

Here, you will see a big list of links to the answers have been written and safe.


With this, we end our article on different queries of Hotmail. We hope you liked it and got all your answer related your questions. If you like this article, then share it as much as possible and being helpful to others.

How to setup Hotmail account on iPhone

How to setup Hotmail account on iPhone

Well, Hotmail is helping millions of users every day by providing a safe medium to communicate and save their media files online. Apart from that, it is also a fantastic mailing tool that one can easily sign up on and start sending messages. As a result, Hotmail is one of the best emailing services that you will find on the internet these days. As it was quite popular and useful, even Microsoft could not resist itself from buying it. As a result, Hotmail is now known as Microsoft’s Outlook. However, still many people are not aware of that and they keep looking for Hotmail online and they eventually fail to find. 

How to setup Hotmail account on iPhone

On the other hand, most of the people still struggle to set up their Hotmail aka Outlook on their iPhones. However, it is not that difficult as it seems to be. Fortunately, we are here to help you and we will be giving you a full tutorial on how you can sign in Hotmail aka Outlook account easily on iPhone devices.

Here are some instructions that you must follow in order to create a Hotmail account on iPhone devices: 

How to Setup Hotmail aka Outlook on iPhone

Please note that the following instructions are for signing in your Hotmail aka account. However, if you go on other sites like Live or MSN. You will need to follow the same instructions as given below. In case you want to login your Hotmail account on your iPad, the instructions will still remain the same.

Step 1. Go to your phone Settings.

Step 2. Now, scroll down till you find Accounts & Settings. 

Step 3. Here, you will see Add Account option, click on it. 

Step 4. Select, Please keep in mind that the process is the same whether it is Hotmail or Outlook. 

Step 5. Now, your phone will redirect you to the login page. 

Step 6. On this page, enter your email address and click on Next.

Step 7. On the next screen, you will need to enter your Hotmail password. Enter the password and tap on Sign in button. 

Step 8. After you tap on the sign-in button, the iPhone will ask for your permission to access your data. Click on confirm and give the required permissions. 

Step 9. Here, a list of data will appear on the screen, select the data that you want your iPhone to access. There are various options available to sync. You can sync email, contacts, calendars, and reminders with Hotmail. By default, the syncing is on for every setting. Once you are done, tap on Save.

Step 10. Now, on your iPhone, you can go to the mail application, and your Hotmail account will appear there in the app. 

Additional Information:

When you add your Hotmail account to your iPhone or iPad device. By default, it will only sync the data of only one week. However, it is not much of an issue. You can easily change the sync options. For changing the sync settings, Go to Settings on your iOS device. Now, scroll down till you find Account & Password. Simply, tap on Outlook and then click on Mail Days to Sync. Here, a screen will appear where you can select how many days should be synced. If you want to sync all the emails from the beginning of time, Select the No Limit option at the top. 

As you can see by yourself, adding a Hotmail or Outlook account to the iPhone is such an easy process to do.  On the other hand, if you have an iPad, you can still follow the same steps and you will be able to log in your Hotmail on your iPad as well in no time. One of the major things to remember here is that Hotmail is now known as Outlook. Fortunately, only the name is different because Microsoft owns it now. Otherwise, everything else is the same as before. 

How to set up Hotmail and Outlook on Your Android Device

How to set up Hotmail and Outlook on Your Android Device

Almost every other mobile user has Android running on it. No wonder it is one of the best available operating systems for mobile phones these days. And, as we are talking about Android here, we must not forget to mention its owner, Google. Yes, Google has built almost every application that one needs on the phone. They have their own photos app, messaging app, video calling app, and what not! Similarly, Google has Gmail as well which is one of the most versatile and well known emailing application that an individual can opt. 

But, there are still a number of users across the globe that use and prefer Hotmail. Whatever you name it, Hotmail or Outlook, it is all the same. “Outlook” is just a new name given to Hotmail by its new owner Microsoft. And, if you are one of those people, this guide will help you to set up Hotmail account on your Android device if you are facing any issues. 

How to set up Hotmail and Outlook on Your Android Device

Two Methods to Get Connected 

You will find various different apps on the Play Store that serve the mailing services. Still, we prefer you to use the apps which are well known so that you do not have to face any privacy issues in future. The first name that comes in our mind is definitely an app from Google which is Gmail. Still, some users do not feel safe while using it. 

Therefore, the best alternative that you are left with is Microsoft’s official Outlook client. Although, if you are using your Microsoft account with the Gmail application. Then it is preferable to stick with the app and use it as before. Otherwise, you can get Outlook app on your Android device. We will tell you how to do that. 

The Official Outlook for Android App

You might be using Outlook on your PC for a long time, but on counterpart, Outlook for Android is a whole new experience for everyone out there. The best part about the app is that it is entirely junk-free, and does not have many unnecessary features. Fortunately, the features it has makes this application one of the best in its field. Let us take a look at the features of the Outlook aka Hotmail mobile app: 

  • Clean and Focused Inbox: The best part about this app is that it learns with time and automatically filters out the junk messages and shows you the important messages on top. Messages from recipients that you don’t read or reply mainly filters out and go to other inboxes. And, the ones that you frequently read and reply are given more priority than others. 
  • Cloud Integration: It has this useful feature that helps a lot. All your messages are safe in your OneDrive as the app automatically integrates with it and saves your messages from getting lost. Another good part here is that you can link up your Box and Dropbox accounts as well. Therefore, it is one of the best options for you to add and save attachments. 
  • Scheduled Message: If you are busy somewhere in work and receive an important email. No worries, you can reschedule it with a single swipe. The app will automatically give you another notification so that you do not forget to read that important email. 
  • Support for Multiple Accounts: Like any other Mail application, Outlook does provide you with the flexibility to use other accounts as well. It is not just limited to Hotmail and Outlook accounts. You can easily access your Google, Yahoo, and iCloud accounts using the Outlook application for Android. 

How to Setup the Outlook App on Android

So, here is a short guide on how you can set up the Outlook application on your Android smartphone. First of all, you need to look for the application on the Play Store. After that, download the application and open it. Now, the main part begins on which we will be focusing in order to set up the Hotmail account. 

As soon as you launch the Outlook app on your Android phone, a screen will appear where you will see “Outlook for Microsoft account”. There is no need to worry even if your email address ends with or 

Now follow these simple instructions to keep going. The Outlook app will ask you to enter your email address and the password as well. Apart from that, if you have two-step authentication activated on your account, you will need to enter the code you receive as well. That was easy, right? So, now you are inside your account in the Outlook app. Here are some additional instructions that you must follow if you want to use the Outlook app beneficially. 

You will see the Settings icon on the right-hand corner of the application. Simply tap on it, and a small window will open up. Make sure that the Focused Inbox button is on. Also, you will find a Filter button on your inbox screen as well. You can use that button to filter out the rest of the messages. This feature filter all the messages and the emails which are unread or flagged or have any attachments will come up to the top. 

Moreover, if you look down at the bottom of the screen. You will notice that you get quick access to your Contacts, Files and Attachments that are linked to your Cloud accounts. 

From the link given below, you can easily download the Outlook application for your Android Smartphone: 

Download Outlook for Android (Free)

Use Outlook with the Gmail App

Gmail is one of the most versatile emailing services which one can opt these days. You can easily set up an Outlook account, Hotmail account, or Live account using the Gmail application. 

Unfortunately, when you log in a non-Gmail account in the Gmail application. You do not get the Push email feature. Instead of that, you can select an interval at which the app will automatically refresh and look for the new messages. By default, the period is of 15 minutes. 

Still, as we are operating on Android here, nothing is that much difficult to tweak. You can easily add the push support using the ‘Gmailify’ option. There are various more options that you must know about Gmail: 

  • Integration with Android: When you use your Outlook account in the Gmail application, it automatically integrates your account with the other applications on Android such as Contacts. 
  • A Unified Inbox: The unified inbox option allows you to look at all your messages in one tab. To access this, click on the Sidebar given in the Gmail app and select All messages option. 
  • Gmailify: Once you log in your non-Gmail account in the Gmail app, you get the Gmailigy option. By activating this feature, your third-party email account will work as a normal Gmail account without affecting the real domain of the address. 
  • Spam control and filtering: Once you Gmailify your account, you get all the advanced feature that Gmail provides to its users. Therefore, you can filter all your messages and keep control over the busy inbox. Moreover, Gmail offers some powerful spam control features as well. 

How to Access Outlook in the Gmail App

It does seem like a hefty process to do but, believe us, it is not! Firstly, Open Gmail application on your Android smartphone. Once you are in, slide out the sidebar from the left side of the screen. You will notice a small arrow next to your Gmail profile. Click on the arrow and select the Add Account option. 

A list of various mailing services will appear on the screen. Hence, select the Outlook option. If you have any other account, such as Yahoo, Exchange, etc. Select that option according to your needs. 

Now, add your email address and the corresponding password as well. Also, if there is two-step verification on your account, enter the code and proceed. 

At last, the Gmail app will ask for some permissions to access your account. Give the required permissions and you are good to go. By default, the setting is set to check for new emails at an interval of 15 minutes, you can change that as well according to your preference. 

Give it some time to manage your Outlook account. Once the process completes, you will be able to access all your messages via the Gmail app. Now, on the top of the screen, you will see a Gmailify option. Click on “Give it a try” button and follow the instructions. 

When you activate the Gmailify option, your account converts into a Gmail account and you can use the advanced settings of the Gmail app just as you get in a normal Gmail account. All the messages will sort out and a clean inbox will appear on your screen. But, as your account is of a third-party service, your email address with other domain will still be working like normal. 

Fortunately, Gmailify has some other benefits as well. You get some powerful search options by using this option. As a result, your email integrates with Google Now cards. And, it gives you the advantage of better notifications as it is one of the best features of Android OS. But, the Gmailify option has a downside as well because you let Google fetch the data from your non-Gmail account. So, you might not feel happy if you have some privacy concerns. 

Still, it is not that big deal to opt-out of the service. Go to your Gmail account settings and tap on the Unlink button to remove your Microsoft account from there. 

Either you can search for the Gmail app on the Play Store to download it if it is not present on your Android phone already. But, that is a very rare case! Still, you can also use the link given below to download the Gmail app for Android: 

Download Gmail for Android (Free)

So, now you can easily access your Hotmail or Outlook account on your Android phone. In case you have any queries, make sure to comment down below and ask us. 

Create Hotmail Account | Create New Account

Create Hotmail Account

Are you looking forward to setting up a professional email account? If so, you can prefer Microsoft Outlook. Previously, the name of Microsoft Outlook has another name i.e., Hotmail. A Microsoft Outlook email account is the simple method to keep with your email, One Drive, Office, and other Microsoft services. It is quite simple to log into your account through the Windows or Mac web browser. The users can send and receive emails through the Hotmail account. After creating a Hotmail email account, this account will become your Windows Live ID. In this post, we have come up with a detailed guide to sign up Hotmail account through a step-by-step procedure. Have a look!

How to Create Hotmail Account Online?

For creating a Hotmail account, one needs to make use of email address. It is necessary to create a.Net passport account and finish the registration process. Follow the simple steps provided below to create or Hotmail sign up online. On the Microsoft Outlook page, you can find the following tabs and sections:

1. Create a New Account

  • Visit the official website of the Hotmail account wherein you can find the option that says ‘Create Account’.

2. Registration Page

  • After tapping the create button, you can enter the details for the registration process on your Hotmail account.

3. Account Choices

  • The users need to enter the email address and the extension as .com for your Hotmail account.

4. Choose Password

  • The users need to select a password based on your choice.
  • You need to choose a powerful password comprising of various uppercase, lowercase characters, numbers, special symbols and more.

5. Personal Details

The users need to enter personal information in the provided fields that include your first name, last name and more.

6. Select Country

  • The users can choose their country or location from the drop-down menu on the screen.

7. Enter Phone Number

  • Hotmail then asks you to enter the phone number in the provided field.
  • By providing a phone number, you can protect your data from hackers.

8. Final Step

That’s all! This is the simple process to create a new account on Hotmail using the login credentials.

How to Create a Hotmail Account via Mobile Phone?

The users can easily create a new Hotmail account via the mobile device. Before creating the account, the users need to have an Android device running the latest version of the operating system. You need to have a 3G or 4G internet connection. Once you have met all the basic requirements, you can then proceed to create a Hotmail account online. Follow the easy steps provided below to create a Hotmail account through the mobile device:

  • First of all, download Microsoft Outlook app from your device.
  • Install the app just by following the basic on-screen steps.
  • After completing the installation process, you can hit the sign-up option.
  • Enter the username and password in the respective fields.
  • You need to provide personal information as mentioned previously in the desktop Hotmail Sign up process.
  • You can then tap the ‘create account’ option in the final step.
  • After that, you can open a new web page and access the Hotmail account.
  • Enter the username and password in the below fields and hit the Sign in button.
  • That’s all! This is the easy process to sign up Hotmail through the desktop and mobile device.

Benefits of Hotmail

Here are some of the excellent advantages of Hotmail for your device:

  • It offers a comfortable and simple to use interface. The inbox shows the new emails and messages.
  • The users can easily create folders and organize them with much ease.
  • Once you have a Hotmail account, you can easily access the Skype application through your account.
  • The users can even access the OneDrive tool for storing confidential data.
  • One can access the calendar from their device absolutely for free of cost.

Final Words

That’s all! This is everything you need to know about Hotmail Sign Up. Hope this guide has given you adequate information about the complete process to create new Hotmail account online. For more doubts and queries, just ask us through the comments section below.